Witchy Photoshoot Ideas: How to Shoot Enchanting Photos 2024

Looking for an enchanting photoshoot session with a witchy theme? We got you covered with our witchy photoshoot ideas! Autumn can be the perfect season to have some themed photoshoots. From cute fall photos to spooky Halloween shoots. If you want to have a shooting themed around the mysterious witchy atmosphere, there are a few steps you should be aware of to get the most out of your shooting.
So let’s dive into the basics and have a look at our witchy photoshoot ideas! Grab your camera and get started!

What are Witchy Photoshoots?

Okay, so what exactly do we mean by “witchy photoshoot”? A witch photoshoot is a photoshoot that incorporates elements of witches and witchcraft into the theme. This can include props such as broomsticks, cauldrons, hats, and cloaks, as well as magical symbols like pentagrams or Wiccan runes. The goal is to create a mystical and magical atmosphere that captures the essence of witches.

As you see, a lot of these props and the atmosphere fit perfectly into autumn or Halloween. So if it’s getting rainy and foggy outside, you’re perfectly set for an exciting witchy photoshoot!

Choosing the Perfect Location

Of course, the location is key for your perfect witchy photoshooting! We want to find a place that sets the mood and captures the essence of our witchy vision:

  • Your Home or Room: This one is the easiest and most comfortable location. You can – of course – just use your home to have your photoshoot! Just decorate your home in a witchy theme with decorations and props. Bonus points if you have a garden!
  • Forest: A forest can be really creepy and scary in the dark. Perfectly themed for a witchy photoshoot! Try going in the morning when it’s still foggy for some extra vibes
  • A lost place or castle: Do you have some abandoned buildings in your area? Awesome! Try to go there, and we are sure there is nothing scarier than an old lost building or even a castle!
  • Cozy cottage: Witchy doesn’t always have to be scary. Just get a small and cozy cottage somewhere, decorate it, and you have a perfect little witch-house all to yourself!
  • Bonus Tip – Place with a special meaning: A few locations have a specific meaning regarding witches or the Wicca spirit.
woman holding a pentagram as a wicca symbol to show props for a witchy photoshooting
Instagram: fotohaxan.swe

Creating the Witchy Atmosphere

Okay, now that we decided on where you want to have your photoshoot, let’s have a look at how we can get the mysterious witchy atmosphere we want! It should transport your viewers into a world of magic and mystery, and that requires a certain ambiance.

First and foremost, choose your color scheme wisely. Dark colors like black, purple, and green are perfect for setting the mood. Use these colors for your background, props, and even your clothing.

In addition to the right colors, you can also use smoke and steam to add depth and movement to your photos. Smoke bombs and fog machines can be used to create a misty, eerie atmosphere that will transport your viewers into a world of magic.

Another way to add to the atmosphere is to use symbols of witchcraft. Broomsticks, cauldrons, and hats are all classic symbols that can be used to great effect in your photos. You can also use magical symbols like pentagrams or Wiccan runes to add to the overall theme.

Lighting is also key when it comes to creating the perfect witchy atmosphere. Use lights to create shadows and add depth to your photos. You can also use candles or other sources of light to create a magical, mystical effect.

Props for a Witchy Photoshoot Ideas

As we already said – props can really set the mood and help you with creating the witchy atmosphere we are looking for. So let’s dive into our Top 7 props for witchy photoshoot ideas!

  1. Broomsticks:
    Effort to use: Easy; most people have it
    Ideas: Use them to “fly” on, or simply hold them in your photos
  2. Candles:
    Effort to use: Very easy; everyone has some candles
    Ideas: Try holding it in front of you, creating a nice light shade for the camera
  3. Cauldrons:
    Effort to use: Medium, costs about 10$
    Ideas: Brew some potions, or hold it into the camera to show off your witchcraft!
  4. Skulls:
    Effort to use: Medium, costs about 5$
    Ideas: Use them in the background for the atmosphere, or hold them in your hand
  5. Spell Books:
    Effort to use: Easy, use any thick book!
    Ideas: Hold it in your hand and cast some spells, or have it on a stand above your cauldron
  6. Witch Hat:
    Effort to use: Medium, costs about 5$
    Ideas: Essential for your witchy photoshoot! Just wear it, it will look great!
  7. Crystal Ball:
    Effort to use: Hard, costs about 20$ for a good-looking one
    Ideas: If you can get your hands on a good crystal ball, try it! It looks really cool on camera; just hold your hands above it
four witches posing with a candle to get beautiful witchy photography
Instagram: lizgliders.photography

Costumes and Makeup

We’ve set everything up by now! The location is set, the atmosphere and props are right. The only thing missing is ourself! Whether you’re going for a spooky, dark vibe or a more whimsical and enchanting look, the right costume and makeup can make all the difference.

For costumes, you could go for a classic witch look with a long black hooded cloak and a pointed hat. Or, you could mix it up with a more modern twist, incorporating metallic accents or feathers into your outfit. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touch to your costume.

When it comes to makeup, the options are just as endless. You could go for a more natural look with a subtle smokey eye and a nude lip. Or, you could go all out with bold, dark colors and intricate designs, like branches or roots, painted on your face. Adding a wig or some massive witch accessories can also take your makeup to the next level.

If you’re doing a boudoir photoshoot, consider incorporating lingerie or a corset dress bustier into your costume. Stick to dark colors like black or midnight blue to convey that witchy mood in your shoot. You might also want to have a look at our Gothic Boudoir Photoshoot Guide!

woman in red light and candle is wearing witchy make-up and doing witchy photoshoot ideas
Instagram: astrabelys

Capturing the Perfect Shot

Before we let you go, we have a few quick tips for you to make sure you get the most out of your shooting. These tips are not only restricted to witchy photography, but apply for most photography in general:

Natural Light

One of the most important factors in any photoshoot is lighting. Natural light can be our best friend when it comes to witchy photoshoots. We want to look for areas with soft, diffused light, like a shaded area or a cloudy day. This will help to create a moody, ethereal feel to our photos.


The entourage can play a big role in the overall feel of our photos. We want to choose props and backgrounds that fit with our witchy theme. Broomsticks, cauldrons, and spellbooks are all great options. We can also look for interesting backgrounds, like a spooky cemetery or a dramatic stormy sky.


Using a tripod can help to ensure that our shots are sharp and in focus. This is especially important when shooting in low-light conditions. We want to make sure that our camera is stable and not moving around, which can cause blur and softness in our photos. If you use your phone, there are tripods for that for little money!

Editing and Post-Processing

Editing can really enhance your photos, and for witchy photography it’s no different. Especially if you want to bring out the mysterious or dark atmosphere a bit more, editing can do wonders.

One great way to enhance the mood of your witchy photoshoot is to play around with the colors. Dark and moody colors like deep purples, blues, and greens can add an eerie and mysterious vibe to your photos. On the other hand, warm and golden tones can give your photos a cozy and inviting feel.

Another important aspect of post-processing is retouching. While we want to keep the authenticity of the photos, it’s okay to make some minor adjustments like removing blemishes or smoothing out skin. Just be sure not to go overboard and make your models look too airbrushed.

If you need further ideas and guides for editing, just have a look around! We recommend this guide for editing moody photos.

witch holding a book with golden sparkles while looking in the camera at a witchy photosession
Instagram: evanorapage

Our Opinion on Witchy Photography

Witchy Photography is quite special. It can be really serious and dark, but on the other hand, also quirky and fun. It’s all up to you!

In our experience, a dark and moody witchy photoshoot is an awesome experience for you and your friends, or also a photographer! If you’re looking to improve your portfolio as a photographer, a witchy photoshooting will definitely stick out to your customers.

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What are some gothic poses for a witchy photoshoot?

For a gothic witchy photoshoot, try poses that convey mystery and darkness. Consider poses that show off your outfit, such as standing with your arms outstretched or holding a prop like a broomstick. You can also try sitting on a throne or posing in a dramatic, moody setting.

How can I incorporate Halloween elements into a witchy photoshoot?

Incorporate Halloween elements into your witchy photoshoot by using classic props like pumpkins, spider webs, and bats. You can also use Halloween-inspired makeup and costumes, like a witch hat or a black cape. Consider shooting in a spooky location like an abandoned building or cemetery.

What are some locations that would be perfect for a witchy photoshoot?

Locations that would be perfect for a witchy photoshoot include forests, abandoned buildings, graveyards, and old churches. Look for locations with a moody, mystical atmosphere that will add to the overall vibe of your photos.

What are some props that would enhance a witchy photoshoot?

Props that would enhance a witchy photoshoot include broomsticks, cauldrons, candles, crystal balls, and tarot cards. You can also use natural elements like leaves, flowers, and branches to create a mystical atmosphere.

What are some unique ideas for a witchy photoshoot?

Some unique ideas for a witchy photoshoot include using smoke bombs to create a mystical atmosphere, incorporating animals like black cats or owls into your photos, or shooting underwater for a dreamy, ethereal effect. You can also play with lighting to create a moody, mysterious vibe.

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