Anti AI Policy

Due to recent advancements in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), many blogs and websites make use of these technologies to generate content. Day by day, new blogs with fully AI-generated content arise, which harms the existence of independent and humanly-written blogs like Lens-Mastery. AI makes blog posts repetitive due to its mechanic of extracting existing articles and rephrasing them to form new articles. This not only takes away the creativity and personal touch of the articles but also discredits the efforts of the people behind the real articles without any recognition.

Here at Lens-Mastery, it’s our mission to create the best photography content out there. And we believe that AI is not capable of achieving just that. Authentic, relevant, and helpful articles, have to be written by humans and experts in the field of photography. No AI could express our passion for photos, posing, or cameras in an article as well as we could.

That’s why our content will always be written exclusively by humans – namely the people behind Lens-Mastery – and reviewed by photography experts. Our premise is: Quality over Quantity

On top of that, we also make sure that each article stays relevant and is as helpful as it can be. So we update the content regularly.

Lens-Mastery will not use AI for content creation or research.

From photographers to photographers.
And remember: Always Take the Shot