Editorial Guidelines

Lens-Mastery.com is a unique online platform dedicated to unraveling the latest trends in the world of photography and providing invaluable expert insights for aspiring photographers.
Embarking on an editorial venture at Lens-Mastery.com involves navigating through a set of principles that steer our work. If you perceive any deviations from these standards, do not hesitate to connect with us at contact@lens-mastery.com or via our contact page.

Reporting Guidelines

Our stories are crafted by hand, avoiding any reliance on artificial intelligence. For a detailed exploration of our stance on AI technology, have a look at our Anti-AI Policy.

When we come across information that isn’t readily available to the public or might paint someone or a group in a less favorable light, we make it a point to reach out for their perspective.

If we get new insights after publishing, we don’t drag our feet; we either update the existing articles pronto or whip up a fresh one. Every three months, we take a good look at our articles, checking if they’re still relevant, timely, and helpful. We even bring in independent experts to make sure we’re keeping our content top-notch.

If someone points out potential errors in our info, we don’t just brush it off. We dig into it, verify, and if we were mistaken, we’re quick to set the record straight.

In case you are ever in the spotlight in our stories, feel free to share your side of the story if you feel we missed the mark or if you have more insights to add. We’re all ears!

When we echo stuff we learned from another publication, we always give credit where it’s due and toss in a link back to the original piece. In return, we expect so from other websites and creators as well.

Professional Encounters

Our journey involves collaborating with photographers, independent photography experts, publishers, and various stakeholders. Our interactions with creative and public relations professionals are characterized by a steadfast commitment to professionalism.

In cases where communication with a company ceases, sometimes referred to as ‘blacklisting,’ we uphold the principles of fair reporting, impartial analysis, and unbiased critique unaffected by external influences.

Out of respect for individuals and their creative endeavors, we refrain from publicizing private occurrences unless they pose a threat to our editorial integrity.

Advertising and Commercial Activities

Distinct boundaries define the realms of editorial and advertising at Lens-Mastery.com. The content on our website and social channels is carefully curated by our editors, maintaining its independence from commercial considerations

It is important to us that our advertising team operates under the principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency when dealings with advertisers. Therefore, we do not tolerate automatic audio or offensive content in our advertising space. Any inappropriate content is promptly removed, and we encourage everyone to bring any advertisements that may not meet these criteria to our attention.

Occasionally, we include links to retailers (e.g., Amazon) and may earn a commission from resulting purchases. However, it’s important to note that these links do not impact our editorial decisions. They are presented neutrally, conveying information such as, “View the latest price of [this product] from Amazon.”


Lens-Mastery.com originates from the diverse portfolio of Blum and Steffes NicheLink GbR, which manages a range of brands and websites such as Reslisdence, Flawliz, and Getyourgift.

Any coverage of activities by this website’s parent company, NicheLink, is subject to the editors’ discretion and remains free from commercial influence.

This editorial policy is followed by all NicheLink staff and collaborators.