Couple Photoshoot Outfits: 10 Steps for Finding The Perfect Match in 2024

Outfits are really important for just about any photoshoot. However, choosing the right couple photoshoot outfits can be especially difficult, as you have to consider matching colors, textures, and so on. As a passionate photographer (and with a girlfriend that is quite fashion-interested!) I will give you some insights on how to choose the perfect outfits for you and your significant other!

If you want to see our 5-step guide or our top 5 couple photoshoot outfits right away, click here!

Outline Your Photoshoot

At first, you should have a rough outline of your photoshoot. The best way to do that is by starting to choose a location. You might choose the cozy intimacy of a studio, the romantic expanse of the beach, or the rustic charm of the outdoors. As you might already see, your location will – of course – have a big impact on your outfit. So plan that first.

Our Favorite Location Ideas:

  • Studio: controlled environment, stable light, professional
  • Beach: really romantic, nice sunsets
  • Outdoors: natural backdrops fitting the current season
  • At home: Cozy, personal, and does not need preparation
cute couple in fall setting outside golden leaves in matching grey outfits
IG: aylincanel_

Next, you want to think about the purpose of your photos.
Do you want more professional and serious photos of you two? Then, you may want your outfits to be a little bit more on the chic end. If it’s just a casual and fun photoshoot, then you could pick clothes that resemble your personalities more, for example.

But enough planning for the photoshoot. Let’s deep dive into choosing our couple photography outfits!

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5 Steps for Perfect Couple Photoshoot Outfits

Choosing the right couple photoshoot outfits is not that hard, really. If you know what to consider, you can find a matching and comfortable outfit quite quickly. Luckily for you, I’ve got our 5-step plan for you to help you find the best outfit for your photoshoots.

1. Considering Comfort and Fit

First of all, comfort is the most important aspect of nice and convincing photos. Avoid outfits that are too tight or too loose; instead, opt for clothes that are comfortable to move in and that flatter your body shape. Remember, comfort translates to confidence in front of the camera. It’s essential to choose clothes that you feel good wearing, as this will shine through in your photos.

2. Developing a Coordinated Style

Think harmony rather than matching. Your outfits should coordinate without being identical. For men, jeans with a crisp t-shirt can align well with a woman’s flowy dress. Always consider the aesthetic of your shoot and dress for a cohesive look. You should match in a certain way. One should not wear a formal suit when the other is wearing a cozy sweater. You get the idea.

cute couple mom and dad standing and posing in their pyjamas with a shrek motif, smiling and matching outfit
IG: maiziesfavorites

3. Selecting a Color Palette and Patterns

Stick to a color palette of neutral and earth tones to maintain a timeless feel. Avoid anything that could distract from your faces. Instead, incorporate textures such as knit sweaters or denim to add depth. Contrast and complement each other’s outfits by using colors that are in sync with each other for a cohesive visual flow.

4. Outfit Details to Avoid

Stay clear of clothes that can detract from your natural look. This includes items with large logos, overly bold patterns or prints, and graphics. These elements can overwhelm the photo and take away from the central focus: you and your partner.

5. Accessorizing with Purpose

Accessories are not just add-ons; they can be key elements in a shoot. Select shoes that are suitable for your location – you wouldn’t want heels at the beach or sandals in the snow. Elements like scarves, hats, and jewelry should complement your outfit and add to the overall aesthetic without becoming the focal point. Use accessories to add texture and interest to your ensemble.

Top 5 Couple Photoshoot Outfits

formal dressed couple posing on a wedding for the photographer, holding a glass of champagne and smiling with their black outfits
IG: arlettsworld.xo

1. Formal Outfits

  • Him: Formal Suit
  • Her: Classy dress

Can’t go wrong with a formal outfit! If you’re going to some formal occasion like a fine restaurant or a wedding, make sure to take some photos with your partner!

cute asian couple standing in front of a lake and mount fuji in the background, wearing nice outfits and a short skirt

2. Cross-Matching

This one is fun! Wear matching colors, but make it so that the top of one partner matches the bottom of the other one – and vice versa!

cute couple holding their heads together wearing completely matching couple outfit for a photoshoot in the forsest
IG: enesderya.01

3. Fully Matching

  • Both: Casual or formal clothes, matching colors from top to bottom

Matching colors are always an eye-catcher! Try matching your top, pants and shoes for the best match.

4. Casual-Chic

cute couple lying in yellow corn field, romantic atmosphere, nice casual couple outfit, looking into the distance
IG: craftysoulhandmade
  • Him: Sneakers, jeans, casual T-shirt
  • Her: Flowery dress, normal urban street outfit

This one is a very casual approach. Dress up how you would normally go to your day-to-day life. Makes for very authentic images.

cute couple with asian woman and matching christmas sweaters posing lovely and intimate with their matching couple photoshoot outfits
IG: r.inka

5. Matching Sweaters

  • Both: Matching Sweaters – self-explanatory

This one is especially cute for Christmas – or in the fall. Get yourself two matching sweaters and show the world that you belong together!

My Opinion of Couple Photoshoot Outfits

I think finding a matching outfit is oftentimes seen as a daunting task. However, it actually is not that hard if you know what to consider. You should watch out for any distracting details of your clothes that could take away the focus from you and your partner.

Other than that, make sure your colors and textures are somewhat matching. If you need more inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest boards! You’ll find lots more outfit ideas on there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good outfit ideas for a couple’s pre-wedding photoshoot?

For a pre-wedding photoshoot, think timeless elegance. Men can opt for a well-tailored suit, and women can go for a flowing gown or a chic cocktail dress. Fabrics with soft textures can add a romantic vibe to your photos.

How can we choose coordinating outfits for our couples photoshoot?

To coordinate without matching exactly, pick outfits in the same color palette or complementary shades. For example, if one wears a dress in a muted tone, the other can choose a shirt or tie in a similar hue.

What should couples wear for a studio photoshoot to look their best?

In a studio setting, solid colors and subtle patterns work well. Avoid clothing with bold logos or text. Classic pieces like a simple black dress or a crisp white shirt complement the controlled lighting and background.

Which colors are most flattering in photographs for couples?

Neutral colors such as navy, maroon, and olive green are universally flattering and can help focus attention on your faces. Pastels or jewel tones can also enhance your complexion without overpowering the image.

Can you suggest any outfit ideas for a couple’s photoshoot in the fall?

Autumn photoshoots pair well with the season’s palate. Consider warm sweaters, scarves, and boots. Colors like burgundy, forest green, or mustard can mirror the natural backdrop and create a cozy, seasonal feel.

What are some elegant matching outfit ideas for formal couple pictures?

For a formal look, choose coordinating evening wear. A black-tie suit for one and a sequined or satin dress for the other can create a sophisticated and harmonious appearance. Matching the level of formality in both outfits is key.

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