Couple Fall Photoshoot: Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Autumn Shoot 2024

Having a photoshoot with your partner is one of the most fun activities to do! And now is the perfect time for a couple fall photoshoot! With the beautiful autumn foliage and cozy weather, fall is the perfect time to take some stunning photos together. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own photoshoot or just want to admire some adorable couples, we’ve got you covered with these couple fall photoshoot ideas.

The Magic of Fall Season

Fall is truly a beautiful season for photography. It is known for its breathtaking colors, from the warm oranges, deep reds, and bright yellows that make up the fall foliage. The changing leaves create a stunning backdrop for any couple fall photoshoot. You can pose with the leaves on the ground, make a leaf crown, or simply let the leaves fall around you as you embrace your partner.

In addition to the beautiful colors and falling leaves, the autumn season also has a unique quality of light. The sun’s rays are softer and warmer, casting a golden glow that adds a touch of warmth to your photos. You can play with the light and shadows to create stunning effects that will make your photos stand out.

And – of course – you can shoot inside in a warm and cozy setting! Take your tea, books, and dim lights, and you’re set for the perfect comfy photoshoot in your house!

family fall photoshoot in an autumn setting with pumpkins, cute outfits and fall background
Source: mavnoliaphotography

Choosing the Perfect Location

The location is quite important for your couple fall photoshoot. You want a location that is beautiful, unique, and reflects your personality as a couple. As said, you can choose an outdoor location or take your shooting indoors. Both can make for some great settings.

Outdoor Locations

There are many outdoor locations that are perfect for a couple fall photoshoot. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Park or Field: A park or field with colorful fall foliage in the background can make for a stunning backdrop for your photos. Look for parks or fields with tall grass, trees, and plenty of open space to move around.
  • Farm or Apple Orchard: If you’re looking for a rustic feel, a farm or apple orchard can be a great choice. You can take pictures among the apple trees, in a pumpkin patch, or pose in front of a rustic barn.
  • Forest or Woods: A forest or woods can be a great choice if you want a more natural setting. Look for trails with colorful leaves and plenty of sunlight filtering through the trees.
  • Beach: If you live near the coast, a beach can be a beautiful location for a fall photoshoot. The cool, crisp air and the sound of the waves can create a romantic atmosphere.
kissing couple holding a fall leaf in front of their faces to hide their kiss, marble leaf
Source: jay.jaynina

Indoor Locations

If the weather is not ideal or you prefer an indoor location, there are still plenty of options for a couple fall photoshoot. Here are some ideas:

  • Your Home: Most obviously – your own home! Make yourself comfortable with some nice fall props, and shoot romantic photos with your partner
  • Cafe: A cozy cafe with warm lighting and comfortable seating can create a cute atmosphere for your photos. Look for cafes with unique decor and plenty of natural light.
  • Library: This one is a perfect fall location! Many books and cozy corners can make for the ideal fall setting. Take a hot beverage with you for some extra style!
cozy couple snuggling up in bed holding each other while doing a couple fall photoshoot
Source: elk.fleurphoto

Best Time for Fall Photoshoot

Especially if you’re planning to take your couple fall photoshoot outside, you should be aware of the specific time you’re shooting. The timing of your photoshoot can make all the difference in the outcome of your photos. Here are some tips to help you choose the best time for your fall photoshoot.

Golden Hour

The “golden hour” is the time around sunrise or sunset when the sun is low on the horizon, and the light is soft and warm. This is the best time for a fall photoshoot because the light is flattering and creates a beautiful, romantic atmosphere. This is especially nice when the sun shines through some colorful trees and leaves!


Shadows can add depth and interest to your photos, but they can also be harsh and unflattering. The best time to avoid harsh shadows is in the middle of the day when the sun is directly overhead. If you want to take advantage of shadows, plan your photoshoot for the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky.


Water can add a beautiful element to your fall photoshoot. If you’re planning to include water in your photos, consider the time of day and the direction of the sun. Once again, the best time to capture reflections on the water is during the golden hour when the light is soft and warm. If the sun is directly overhead, the water can be too bright and reflective, so plan your photoshoot accordingly.

wholesome couple sitting on a staircase in an autumn setting, kissing romantically
Source: ouradventurepage

Essential Fall Photoshoot Props

Props in fall are super easy and make your photos look extra fall-ish! Just think of a cozy room in fall, soft rain hits your windows, and you’re snuggling up with your partner under a blanket…
We are sure you already have some props in mind that can complement this scene. However, of course we have some examples you could use to spice up your fall photos!

Using Nature’s Props

One of the best things about fall is the beautiful natural scenery. Use the natural surroundings to your advantage by incorporating leaves, pumpkins, and other fall foliage into your photoshoot. You can also take advantage of the beautiful colors of the leaves by having your photoshoot in a park or forest.

Our Top 3:

  • Leaves: Especially when they are golden-brown. Just a beautiful prop to work with.
  • Pumpkins: Classic fall and Halloween prop!
  • Cornstalks: Another basic nature prop. Try laying a cornstalk heart on the ground!
couple wearing carved pumpkins on their heads doing funny poses and creating a cute fall setting
Source: winsome_photos

Classic Comfy Props

These are what you pictured in the cozy fall setting we set before. Just having a relaxed Netflix afternoon with your partner. Try to use these props to emphasize this mood.

Our Top 3:

  • Books: Reading a book with your partner while the rain is hitting your window? Yes, please!
  • Blanket: This one can be quite nice. You can put your boyfriend in a spooning position for a cute couple photo!
  • Candles: Picture a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner on a chilly fall evening…

Fall Drinks and Foods

There is a lot of food and drinks that just really fit into the theme for a couple fall photoshoot. Just think of Thanksgiving, and you’ll have lots of ideas. However – here are our favorites!

Our Top 3:

  • Pumpkin Pie: Really great to show off a couple baking session! Add some whipped cream for a more interesting pie.
  • Thanksgiving Food: This one is a classic. The couple photo in front of a fully filled Thanksgiving table.
  • Hot Chocolate/Tea: You NEED this one. It’s super simple and makes your photos feel ten times more cozy.

Capturing the Couple’s Essence

A fall couples photoshoot is a great way to capture your love and affection for each other in a beautiful and memorable way. Whether you want to take cute and romantic shots or get spooky with Halloween-themed shots, there are plenty of couple fall photoshoot ideas to choose from!

Romantic Shots

If you want to capture the romance between you and your partner, then go for a cozy and intimate photoshoot. Choose a location that is meaningful to you both, like a park or a café. Dress up in warm and comfortable clothes that showcase your personal style. Some cute fall couple photoshoot ideas include holding hands, embracing each other, or simply looking into each other’s eyes.

Fun and Casual Shots

If you want to capture the fun and casual side of your relationship, then go for a playful and lighthearted photoshoot. Choose a location that is fun and vibrant, like a pumpkin patch or a corn maze. Dress up in casual and comfortable clothes that reflect your personality. Try something dynamic like jumping in the leaves, playing with pumpkins, or having a picnic. Have a look here if you need some photoshoot ideas with your boyfriend!

Halloween Themed Shots

If you want to get spooky and celebrate Halloween, then go for a themed photoshoot. Choose a location that is eerie and mysterious, like a haunted house or a cemetery. Dress up in Halloween costumes that match your personalities. Try some spooky sceneries like a foggy graveyard or just a Halloween setup!

girl couple kissing in a halloween setting for a cute couple photo
Source: una_celestilla

What to Wear for a Fall Photoshoot

Okay, we got everything set. A nice location, props, the mood we want to portray. But what should you wear for a fall photoshoot? Here are some tips to help you dress comfortably and stylishly for your photoshoot!

Comfort and Style

For a fall photoshoot, comfort and style are equally important. You want to look good, but you also want to feel comfortable. Opt for clothes that fit well and that you feel confident in. Sweaters are a great option for a fall photoshoot. They are warm, comfortable and come in a variety of styles and colors. Black is always a classic color choice, but don’t be afraid to add some color to your outfit. You can also wear casual outfits like jeans and boots to keep it simple yet stylish.

Layering for Fall

Layering is key for a fall photoshoot. The weather can be unpredictable, and layering allows you to adjust your outfit accordingly. You can wear a sweater over a collared shirt or add a scarf to your outfit. Layers not only keep you warm but also add depth and texture to your outfit. Hats and gloves are also great accessories to add to your fall photoshoot outfit. They not only keep you warm but also add a touch of style to your outfit.

cute boyfriend holding girlfriend in an autumn setting in a couple fall photoshoot
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Our Opinion on a Couple Fall Photoshoot

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons aesthetically. You can have great lighting due to colorful trees and the golden hour, or have a soothing and cozy fall setting in your home. Every couple should definitely take the opportunity to play around with the camera and take a few shots. Even if they won’t be shown publically, doing a photoshoot is just insanely fun!

Prepare some props if you want to. Candles, Books, and hot Drinks are probably the easiest but can still give a nice fall-ish touch to your photos. Make sure you and your partner feel comfortable with each other and your poses, as comfort makes your photos seem much more realistic and authentic.

And that’s about it! Just grab your camera or your phone, go to your partner, and do some shooting. We promise you – your couple fall photoshoot is gonna be great fun.

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What are some cute couple poses for a fall photoshoot?

Try to set a romantic or playful mood when posing with your partner. Holding hands, hugging or even carrying each other looks really fun and cute.

What are some trendy fall couple outfits?

For women, try a flowy dress in a fall color like burgundy or mustard yellow, paired with some booties or riding boots. Men can try a sweater or flannel shirt with jeans and boots. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures, like plaid and denim.

What are some ideas for a fall photoshoot date?

Make your fall photoshoot date extra special by incorporating some seasonal activities. You can go apple picking, visit a pumpkin patch, or take a scenic hike. Another fun idea is to have a picnic in the park with fall-themed snacks like caramel apples and pumpkin spice lattes.

What are some locations for a fall couple photoshoot?

A pumpkin patch or corn maze is a classic choice, but you can also try a forest, park, or lake. Look for locations with colorful fall foliage and natural scenery, but be aware of the daytime when you’re shooting!

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