Moody Wedding Photography: Capturing Intimate Moments in 2024

Moody Wedding Photography is an interesting niche for wedding photographers. Some couples may not only want some upbeat and happy photos but also more intimate and moody photos of their special day. As I’m always looking for new niches and ways to improve my (and therefore your!) photography, I researched the most important aspects of moody wedding photography. And now I will share my knowledge with you!

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What Makes a Photo Moody?

When I think of moody photography, the first thing that comes to my mind is the atmosphere and emotion captured within the image. Moody wedding photography is a niche style that focuses on highlighting the emotions and ambiance of a scene, using techniques such as chiaroscuro light and natural light to create drama and depth.


a bench in a forest getting shine on by the sun through the leaves of the pine trees surrounding it. An example for a moody image with moody atmosphere and attributes

The most significant element that adds to the “moodiness” of a photo is the lighting. In moody photography, it’s essential to play with both light and shadows to create a balance that emphasizes the emotion in the image. Utilizing natural light sources like windows, doorways, or even a single light source can result in a striking and dramatic atmosphere. Chiaroscuro lighting, which is the strong contrast between light and dark areas, further enhances this dramatic effect and adds depth to the composition.


Another important aspect is the color palette used in the image. Dark and moody wedding photography often employs rich colors and deep shadows to create an intense, emotional atmosphere. Choosing a color palette that complements the mood you want to evoke can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of the photo. Of course, you can also further improve the photo with some good post-processing.


The composition of a photo also plays a crucial role in achieving a moody atmosphere. I find that capturing candid, emotional moments can lead to more authentic and powerful images. A skilled wedding photographer, like Julian Ribinik, can make people feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing their true emotions to shine through. Have a look at our 5 rules of composition if you want to find out more about this topic!

cute married couple walking a path at night while having moody wedding photography and holding an umbrella while looking at each other
IG: featherandfitchphotography

Camera Techniques for Moody Photography

Now, let’s see how we can actually make our photos “moody” from a technical point of view! I’ll just focus on the basics, so how to create moody lighting and the camera settings you want to use.

Use Lighting for a Moody Atmosphere

The key to capturing the perfect moody wedding photograph is to master the use of lighting. By manipulating the light within a scene, you can create a moody atmosphere that emphasizes emotions and adds depth to the image. One approach to achieve this is to work with natural light sources such as windows, doorways, or any area where a single light source is coming into a dark space.

To enhance the dramatic effect of the moody atmosphere, I also try to find chiaroscuro light, which is characterized by highly contrasted light and shade. This type of lighting creates visually rich images that draw the viewer’s attention and focus on poignant moments in your subject’s story.

Camera Settings for Moody Shots

First of all – we have an entire article on camera settings for weddings. Check that out if you want to know any specific settings for your photography.

Otherwise, for moody wedding photography, I would set the aperture wide open (small f-number) to allow more light to enter the camera and, therefore, create a darker, moody atmosphere. This also helps to create a shallow depth of field, which can accentuate the intimate atmosphere of the moment.

Next, I adjust my camera’s light meter to capture the desired tonal range. A common rule of thumb is to keep the arrow on the light meter around 0, but I like to bring it just below 0 to achieve a slightly darker image. This perfectly complements the moody wedding photography style.

Playing with grain can add an interesting texture to your moody images. By increasing the ISO and embracing the added noise, you can create an artistic effect that enhances the overall mood and emotional impact of the photograph.

Creative Composition in Moody Photography

Now, let’s talk a bit more about composition in detail for our moody wedding photography. As a photographer, I believe that composition is what makes our art, especially when it comes to capturing the intimacy and emotions of a wedding.

Incorporating Dark Backgrounds

intimate moment of a couple at their wedding kissing and cuddling with each other, creating a romantic and moody moment, black white wedding photography
IG: lovefusionphoto

Utilizing dark backgrounds is one of the key aspects of moody photography that can really make emotions and expressions pop. When composing an image, I look for backgrounds with deep shadows, rich colors, or dark architectural elements. This serves to emphasize the subjects and adds an element of mystery to the scene.

Here are a few tips to help incorporate dark backgrounds in your wedding photography:

  • Pay attention to the natural environment around you and choose locations with dark foliage, walls, or structures.
  • Use off-camera flash to create dramatic contrasts and accentuate the subjects against the background.
  • Experiment with different angles, lighting, and poses to find the perfect balance in each scene
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The Art of Chiaroscuro in Weddings

What is Chiaroscuro

What sounds like a spell from Harry Potter is basically just an artistic technique that plays with the interaction between light and shadow. So if your photos include some form of high contrast, heavy shadows, and light – you are using Chiaroscuro.

To get that really top-notch moody atmosphere, I have to use Chiaroscuro. To incorporate this lighting in your wedding shoots, I recommend the following:

  • Directional light: Harnessing the power of natural light from windows, doorways, or slits can create a more dramatic effect. Experimenting with artificial light sources, such as off-camera flash or continuous lighting, can also emphasize the chiaroscuro effect.
  • Deep shadows: Embrace the darkness! Look for areas with significant shadow-to-light transitions or create artificial shadows when natural ones are lacking.
  • Post-processing: In the editing phase, I pay special attention to the balance between shadows and highlights and play with contrast adjustments to bring out the desired chiaroscuro effect further.

Poses For Moody Wedding Photography

As always, poses are not set in stone. They are mostly for your inspiration as a photographer. They are a good guideline, but be confident in varying the poses to match your composition and the overall theme of your photos. Other than that, here are my top 5 poses for moody wedding photography:

1. Emotional embrace

In this pose, one partner envelops the other in a heartfelt embrace. The key is to focus on the emotions exchanged between the couple. Position them in a way that brings out the deep connection they share, whether facing each other or with one partner resting on the other’s chest. To emphasize the mood, try using directional light to create shadows and contrast.

couple is emotionally embracing each other, black and white image, moody wedding and marriage, romantic

2. Forehead to forehead

This is a classic, intimate pose. Both partners stand close, with their foreheads touching and eyes closed. The proximity and gentleness of this pose evoke a sense of serenity, emphasizing the bond between the couple. Use a shallow depth of field to blur the background, making the subjects stand out in the frame.

IG: jonathandouette

3. Sitting and Standing

Have one of the couple sitting on a chair or similar, while the other one is standing next to them. Let them interact by touching, looking, or smiling at each other. This works especially well if you work with some external lighting or a window. This may portray a more traditional wedding and couple dynamic, so make sure you consult your couple beforehand.

wedding couple standing and sitting to pose for their wedding photography, natural lighting by a window, woman looking outside, man laying his arm on her shoulder

4. Silhouettes

Shooting silhouettes can result in striking and dramatic images. Place the couple between your camera and a light source, such as a window or the setting sun. Ask them to interact with each other while you focus on capturing their outlines against the light. This technique produces a sense of mystery and intrigue that perfectly complements the moody aesthetic.

cute muslim couple having a moody wedding photography shooting by using silhouettes as a lighting technique for moody photos
IG: erickajimenezphotography

5. Walking away together

For this pose, the couple walks hand in hand, moving away from the camera. It symbolizes their journey through life together. Encourage the couple to interact naturally, as if they were taking a peaceful, introspective stroll. A few candid smiles or laughter can add a touch of warmth, further enhancing the appeal of this moment. To emphasize the mood, choose a location with a darker or more dramatic background.

married couple walking off holding hands and looking at each other, high aperture, romantic image of a moody wedding
IG: jonathandouette

Our Opinion on Moody Wedding Photography

I think Moody Wedding Photography is an exciting niche that every serious wedding photographer should know about. You don’t have to shoot the entire wedding in this style, but a few moody and more intimate photos can be quite interesting – also for the clients.

So don’t be shy and also bring this to the table when consulting with your wedding couple! Show them a few more dark and atmospheric photos, and let them decide. Also, make sure to guide them exactly how you need it in your session. That will make the photos much better – and your clients will have a feeling of certainty.

To wrap it up – if you are a wedding photographer, try this niche, put it in your portfolio, and shine with it! And make sure to read our other articles to learn even more about Wedding Photography:

Also, have a look at our Pinterest, to stay up-to-date with the latest photography trends!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I achieve the perfect mood in my wedding photographs?

To create the perfect mood in your wedding photos, I recommend focusing on the available lighting, whether natural or artificial, to create shadow and contrast. In moody wedding photography, it is essential to have some dark spaces and a single light source to emphasize specific romantic or intimate areas in the scene.

What distinguishes moody wedding photography from traditional styles?

Moody wedding photography is different from traditional styles due to the emphasis on emotions, candid moments, and darker, more dramatic lighting. This approach often leans on the contrast between light and shade, which gives the images a more emotional, artistic, and sometimes cinematic feel compared to traditional styles.

Can dark and moody photography be incorporated into a fine art wedding aesthetic?

Yes, dark and moody photography can definitely be incorporated into a fine art wedding aesthetic. To achieve this, photographers often use a combination of creative lighting, color grading, and careful composition to produce visually stunning and artistically expressive images that blend both styles seamlessly.

What techniques do photographers use to capture moody atmospheres in wedding photos?

Photographers often use techniques like chiaroscuro (highly contrasted light and shade), intentionally underexposing some parts of the image to create depth, and using natural light sources to highlight the couple or decor. They also focus on capturing authentic emotions and candid moments during the wedding event.

What are some tips for selecting the right photographer for a moody-themed wedding?

When selecting a photographer for your moody-themed wedding, make sure to:

  1. Review their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision.
  2. Communicate your expectations and preferences.
  3. Look for testimonials and previous clients’ experiences.
  4. Ensure the photographer has experience working with the unique challenges of moody photography

How does lighting affect the mood of wedding photography?

Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood for wedding photography. In moody photography, the use of a single light source or natural light from windows and doorways can create contrast and dramatic shadows that enhance the emotions depicted in the image.

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