Winter Family Photoshoot: 3 Steps to Get Stunning Winter Photos in 2024

As a seasoned photographer, my family begs me every year to have a winter family photoshoot with them. Luckily for them, photography is my passion, and I happily fulfill their request! However, an experienced photographer can only do so much – the really important aspect is the family that gets shot! Here, you will learn about everything you need to know to get the most out of your winter family photoshoot!

Planning a Winter Family Photoshoot

A winter family photoshoot is not that different from any regular photoshoot. In fact – it only really gets different if you actually go outside or use winter-related props! But no worries, we will cover everything you need in detail so you and your family will get the best possible photos in a chilly atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Outfits

Selecting the appropriate outfits plays a key role in a winter family photoshoot. First of all, you want your family to be warm and comfortable. This not only will make the shoot much more enjoyable, but wearing a bikini or a tank top doesn’t feel really winterish, right?
Opt for timeless, classic pieces such as sweaters, cardigans, and scarves, which not only keep you warm but also add visual interest to your photos.

So far, so obvious. Now let’s get more into detail: The Colors.

Go for deep burgundy, forest green, and navy blue. These colors pop against a snowy backdrop. Add in creamy whites and soft grays to balance and bring warmth to the palette. Avoid overly bright hues that might clash with the winter vibe. Choose clothing with textures like chunky knits or faux fur for visual interest. Keep accessories in mind – subtle pops of color in scarves or hats can enhance the overall look without being overwhelming. Stick to a cohesive color scheme, and you’ll have photos that capture the winter spirit flawlessly.

If you need more tips or inspiration, we dedicated a whole article on matching family outfits. Have a look!

girl posing with her daughter in a winter setting with snow falling of the leaves of a tree
IG: anna.brujeva

Using Props and Accessories

The winter season is really easy when it comes to props. Have a look at our top choices!

  • Christmas Tree
  • Hot Chocolate Mugs
  • Pinecones
  • Snow – Play with snow, build a snowman, have a snowball fight!
  • Sleds
  • Ice Skates


One last thing: The Location

Most likely, you want to have the photoshoot in your house or your garden. However, sometimes looking for an alternate location for your shoot can be interesting as well!

Look for interesting spots near you, like a Christmas tree farm or a small hill for sled riding. These locations can help you to create the perfect backdrop and atmosphere for your winter family photoshoot!

happy family posing in a forest with matching blue family winter outfits for their winter family photoshoot
IG: creativeshotz

Posing for the Perfect Family Photo

Now that we have everything set up, we want to go into posing.
Generally, you don’t want your poses to feel too forced or unnatural. Your family members should feel comfortable! Poses are just there to give you an idea of good motifs you could catch on. To get you started, here are our Top 5 winter family photoshoot poses

1. Classic Formation

The most traditional family pose involves everyone standing together, looking straight at the camera. This can work well with any number of family members, and you can add some variety by having some people sit down or put the youngest in the middle. Be mindful of each person’s height and position to create a balanced look.

2. Laying in Snow

Laying in the snow gives a playful and fun look. Try building some hill or a chair out of snow, and have a seat in them! For some extra fun, have the kids stand in the background while the grown-ups lay in front of them.

winter family photoshoot with all four of the family sitting or laying in the snow to pose for the camera
IG: cansuborannn

3. Walking or Holding Hands

This heartwarming pose involves family members walking together while holding hands or linking arms. It symbolizes unity and support and looks great in outdoor winter settings. For a more dynamic shot, capture your family walking in a straight line toward the camera or on a path surrounded by scenic beauty.

cute photo of family walking away while holding hands in a winter photography
IG: dena_hricova_photography

4. Big Hug

Nothing says warmth and love better than a big family hug. Have everyone come together and give a group hug, either standing or sitting. This close embrace will create an intimate and affectionate vibe in your photos. Make sure to capture everyone’s smiles as they express the love and connection felt in that moment.

small family posing with mother and two kids in a cold winter setting
IG: megandriesbachphotography

5. Interactive Backdrop

Incorporate an exciting winter activity or element into your pose, such as building a snowman, ice skating, or even posing with a sled. These interactive poses allow for a more unique and memorable photoshoot, highlighting the fun winter atmosphere and adding creativity to the final results.

3 Tips on How to Shoot a Professional Photo

Now, let’s talk a few moments about the more technical side. I know – most of you won’t be professional photographers like us, that’s why I’m focusing more on the viewpoint of an amateur who takes photos with their phone.

  1. First things first, embrace natural light. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, nothing beats the soft, flattering glow of natural sunlight. Position your family near a window or step outside during the golden hour for that professional touch.
  2. Also, you most likely want to use a tripod. There are many great tripods for phones or cameras; have a look at the best ones out there currently! This way, you will be able to shoot your photos with the self-timer of your phone so that you can be on them as well!
  3. Lastly, make sure you know the basics of Composition. We know this is a big topic and we could write hundreds of articles about it! But have a look at this article here, where we explain the basic tricks of composition. We promise you, they will make your photos look MUCH more professional!
mom and son posing for winter family photography in front of beautiful lights

Our Opinion on a Winter Family Photoshoot

I love winter. Snow has such a calm and innocent vibe to it, and there are so many outfit ideas with the winter clothes! And honestly – I’m looking forward to every winter, as it’s the one time in a year my family actually can’t get enough of me taking those cute family photos. Score!

As most families have their annual photoshoot in the Christmas and winter time, knowing how to take good photos in this season can be quite important for most of them. I hope you got some tips out of this article that will level up your next winter family photoshoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear for a winter family photoshoot?

For a winter family photoshoot, it’s essential to choose outfits that look good together and complement the wintery backdrop. Deep reds, greens, blues, and neutrals often work well for winter photos. Layering is key to stay warm and stylish during the photoshoot; consider coordinating pieces like scarves, hats, and gloves to add extra flair.

How can we incorporate holiday themes into our winter family photos?

Incorporating holiday themes can be as simple as holding a few festive props or dressing in holiday colors. Consider using elements such as Christmas lights, ornaments, or even a small, decorated tree. Alternatively, you can focus on creating a cozy atmosphere with blankets, sipping hot cocoa, or having a playful snowball fight.

What are some unique winter family photoshoot ideas?

Unique winter photo ideas can include an outdoor shoot at a picturesque location like a snow-covered forest, an ice-skating rink, or a holiday market. You can also get creative with poses and interactions, like making snow angels or building a snowman together. Another idea is to include fun winter accessories like sleds, skis, or even a snowball fight for a playful and original photo session.

What are the best locations for a winter family photoshoot?

The best locations for a winter family photoshoot will depend on your style and preferences, as well as weather conditions. Popular options can include a snow-covered park or forest, a quaint city street decorated with holiday lights, or even your own backyard with personalized winter decorations. Keep in mind that the time of day and available light can greatly affect the outcome of your photos, so plan accordingly.

The best locations for a winter family photoshoot will depend on your style and preferences, as well as weather conditions. Popular options can include a snow-covered park or forest, a quaint city street decorated with holiday lights, or even your own backyard with personalized winter decorations. Keep in mind that the time of day and available light can greatly affect the outcome of your photos, so plan accordingly.

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